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  • How to Cut Through a Concrete Foundation - Bathroom ...

    2012/02/12 · Learn how to cut into a basement floor, the foundation of the house, in order to do some plumbing for a bathtub. In this video, you'll see the cutting, using...

  • Stand-off-Distance - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

    2012/04/02 · The gas mixture of hydrogen and argon can be used as plasma forming gas, the layer of argon gas can protect the nozzle to some extent. Nitrogen and air are commercially used as plasma cutting gas where the cutting speed is

  • Contraction Joints in Concrete Slabs - The Concrete Network

    Conventional wet-cut gas-powered concrete saws can be used to cut joints, typically waiting until the concrete achieves a strength of about 500 psi to prevent raveling of the cut edges during sawing. The timing varies depending on the temperature and the relative humidity, but the window is generally 4 to 12 hours after concrete placement.

  • Code of practice - Concrete and masonry cutting and drilling ...

    Feb 12, 2014 · Building and Energy. Western Australian building services, electrical, gasfitting and plumbing industries. Overview. Find out about the functions and jurisdiction of Building and Energy. Licensing and registration and owner-builder approval. Application and renewal for builders, building surveyors, electricians, gas fitters, painters and plumbers.

  • Plan Symbols

    Plan Symbols 2 A-4 Wall section No. 2 can be seen on drawing No. A-4. 3 L-5 Detail section No. 3 can be seen on drawing No. A-5. AA A-6 Building section A-A can be seen on drawing No. A-6. Main object line Hidden or invisible

  • Flame Cutting (Oxy Fuel Cutting) - A Method to Cut Thick Steel

    Flame cutting (also known as oxy fuel cutting), it is to use the heat burned from oxy fuel gas, to cut steel materials or the hard metals to the panels or profiles required. It can cut steel thickness from 1 mm to 1200 mm. And in most cases it used to cut steel plate thickness more than 20 mm, since oxy fuel cutting usually brings big tolerance.

  • Concrete & Cement Tools at

    Find concrete & cement tools at Lowe's today. Free Shipping On Orders $45+. Shop concrete & cement tools and a variety of building supplies products online at

  • Safe Work Method Statement – SWMS 81213 - Bay Building ...

    Where cutting and machining has to be carried out on site as in fixing carpentry the following procedures will be implemented. Segregation Wherever practicable cutting and machining of MDF will be performed in an area of the site, as far away from other trade

  • Concrete Cutting Blade Technology: Aggregate Technologies, Inc.

    December 2015 Concrete Openings - Damaged dolphin Port of Houston February 2015 Construction Executive - G.T. “Mickey” Leland Federal Building renovation project. March/April 2015 Pile Buck Magazine - Underwater wire sawing and core drilling 2014 Pile Buck Magazine - Pile Cutting Machine 2013 Pile Driver Magazine - Pile Cutting Machine (877 ...

  • Concrete Cutting and Core Drilling Agreement

    Concrete Cutting and Core Drilling Agreement Section 1 1.1 This is an agreement for concrete cutting and/or drilling work to be performed. 1.2 The address of the job site where the work is to be performed is listed on the cover sheet of this packet. 1.3 Parties involved: Contractor: G&S Fastening Systems, Inc. Whitehall, Pa 18052

  • Abrasive blasting - Wikipedia

    A wheel machine is a high-power, high-efficiency blasting operation with recyclable abrasive (typically steel or stainless steel shot, cut wire, grit, or similarly sized pellets). Specialized wheel blast machines propel plastic abrasive in a cryogenic chamber, and is usually used for deflashing plastic and rubber components.

  • Fabrication -

    Gas or flame cutting systems are also used to cut components from steel plate. This process uses a mixture of oxygen and a fuel gas (propane) to preheat the metal to its 'ignition' temperature; which, for steel, is 700°C - 900°C (at this temperature a bright red heat) but this is still well below the material’s melting point.

  • Gas From Concrete?| Concrete Construction Magazine

    Jan 01, 2001 · As a control, one specimen was prepared without any admixture or additive. The other seven specimens were prepared with one of the following: Water-reducing admixture. Superplasticizer. Air-entraining admixture. Cement processed with a waste-derived fuel. Water-based form-release agent on the surface. Chemical form-release agent on the surface.

  • Concrete Demolition - Methods & Equipment for Removing ...

    2021/02/01 · Ball and Crane for Demolishing Masonry and Concrete Structures. One of the oldest and most commonly used methods for building demolition, the ball and crane uses a wrecking ball weighing up to 13,500 pounds to demolish concrete and masonry structures. During the process, the ball is either dropped onto or swung into the structure that is to be ...

  • Environmental impact of concrete - Wikipedia

    The cement industry is one of the main producers of carbon dioxide, a potent greenhouse gas. Concrete causes damage to the most fertile layer of the earth, the topsoil . Concrete is used to create hard surfaces which contribute to surface runoff that may cause soil erosion, water pollution and flooding.

  • Adze, Axe, or Saw Cut Marks on Lumber Indicate Building ...

    The marks left by these tools offer both clues to building age and wonderful aesthetic detail. Below, in rough chronological order, we illustrate different types of saw and tool cut marks in wood: adze cuts, hand sawn pit saw marks, mechanically-operated pit saw marks, circular saw marks, and unmarked, planed modern dimensional lumber. We ...

  • A review of surface roughness generation in ultra-precision ...

    2015/04/01 · Ultra-precision machining (UPM) is capable of manufacturing a high quality surface at a nanometric surface roughness. For such high quality surface in a UPM process, due to the machining complexity any variable would be possible to deteriorate surface quality, consequently receiving much attention and interest.

  • Code of practice - Concrete and masonry cutting and drilling ...

    2014/02/12 · This code of practice applies to all workplaces in Western Australia covered by the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 where concrete and masonry cutting and drilling equipment is …

  • Concrete Tool Rentals - Tool Rental - The Home Depot

    Electric Concrete Saw 14". Ideal for cutting concrete, asphalt, and metal in indoor or enclosed environments. Tool base adjusts allowing up to 5" cutting depth; best for cutting split face block when building retaining walls. Lightweight, less noisy and simpler alternative to gas powered cut-off machines.

  • 308 questions with answers in MACHINING | Science topic

    2021/06/22 · I have modeled the region of concrete that needs to be cut using a mesh size of 0.05 mm. The concrete part is 10 mm in length and 4 mm in height. Tool …

  • 2.2. Cutting and Finishing Steel | American Institute of ...

    1. Milling, which is commonly used to bring members to their required length and end finish. 2. Face machining, which can be used to finish large areas to exact dimensions. 3. Planing. 4. Grinding, which is commonly used for edge preparation, including treatment of flame-cut edges, removal of burrs, etc., when required.

  • Information on Cutting Gases,

    Laser cut surfaces with oxygen assist gas can influence weld quality. When oxygen is used as the laser assist cutting gas, the oxygen causes the formation iron oxides. The laser oxy assist gas accelerates the formation of oxidation, similar to oxy - fuel cutting. The laser cut surface scale is similar to rust.


    Concrete is placed into forms built around the strands. As the concrete sets it bonds to the tensioned steel. Pretensioning is done in a plant and the completed unit is shipped to the job site. Examples may include double T’s or certain floor slabs for large concrete buildings. n Each of these types of concrete has a specific place in the

  • Design and Construction of Joints for Concrete Streets

    Design and Construction of Joints for Concrete Streets To ensure that the concrete pavements we are building now will continue to serve our needs well into the future, it is essential to take into account all design and construc tion

  • How big of a gas saw do I need to cut concrete?

    Used horizontal or vertical up to 4 3/4" deep. Easy starting - unique automatic choke system. Powerful, easy-start Gas Saw used to cut a variety of masonary materials or metal, and can be used wet or dry. Used horizontal or vertical up to 5 3/4" deep.

  • Effect of Laser Beam Diameter on Cut Edge of Steel Plates ...

    The aim of this work is to investigate the effect of the laser beam diameter on the microhardness beneath the cut surface of steel plates obtained by CO2 laser cutting. The cut surface was studied based on microhardness depth profiles beneath the machined surface. The results show that laser cutting has a thermal effect on the surface ...

  • An operAtor’s guide for concrete cutting

    reduces cutting effi- ciency. The maximum cut-ting efficiency of a blade is at approximately 12,000 SFPM (surface feet per minuite) or 150 Miles Per Hour. PRODUCTIVITY IS NEVER INCREASED BY INCREASING BLADE SPEED ! Always step cut - Make a 1" cut as your guide cut- Never cut full depth on the first pass.

  • Repairing Concrete Surfaces - The Concrete Network

    Partial depth repair—cutting around the edges of the damaged area (but not into the reinforcing steel), removing the damaged concrete, cleaning or replacing the reinforcing steel, then placing a repair mortar. Overlays—effective to cover up surface problems—so long as good surface preparation is used. Surface scaling from freeze-thaw ...

  • Kidder Concrete and Cutting Inc. Concrete Sawing and Drilling ...

    Bevel Cutting: cutting at an angle other than a right angle between two lines or surfaces Bit: any device that may be attached to, or is an integral part of, a drill string and is used as a cutting tool to bore into and penetrate rock or other materials, by utilizing power applied percussively or by rotation.

  • A Guide to Cutting Concrete - Professional Concrete and ...

    Feb 25, 2015 · Before you begin cutting, know where the cuts go. Generally, begin saw cuts near a column line. Joints are generally spaced at 24-36 times the thickness of the slab – but confirm this. If you are work with concrete that has high shrinkage, you may need to decrease cut spacing. Other things that help determine saw cut placement include:

  • Machining Recommendations for Engineering Plastics (at ...

    ˌ Knifelike cutting geometries for machining flexible workpieces ˌ Use favourable geometries for fixing ˌ Special chisel geometry for parting off ˌ Cut circumferences and polished surfaces p Advantage: ˌ Optimal, groove-less surface ˌ Reduces the build-up of material on the application u Recommendations ˌ Select a high cutting speed

  • Sequence of Work in Building Construction - The Constructor

    2018/11/18 · The sequence of work to be followed in the construction of a building is the at most important procedures of construction. The major sequences of construction are marking, excavation, concreting, brick masonry, roof laying, flooring and finishing. In this article we study the sequences of building construction in detail. 1.

  • How is oxygen cutting used in steel cutting?

    This type of oxygen cutting mainly used to re-cutting to remove the defects from the steel billet cutting or steel straightening. CNC flame cutting is processed by CNC cutting machine, that is to use CNC technology to drive the flame cutting table and cutting torch, to cut steel plate, steel sheet and other metal materials.

  • What is the Code of practice for concrete cutting?

    Code of practice Concrete and masonry cutting and drilling This code of practice applies to all workplaces in Western Australia covered by the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 where concrete and masonry cutting and drilling equipment is used. In 2019 this code of practice was revised by the Commission for Occupational Safety and Health.

  • Code of practice - Concrete and masonry cutting and drilling ...

    2014/02/12 · Code of practice Concrete and masonry cutting and drilling. This code of practice applies to all workplaces in Western Australia covered by the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 where concrete and masonry cutting and drilling equipment is used. In 2019 this code of practice was revised by the Commission for Occupational Safety and Health.


    e ve r y type of concrete construction that will be encoun-t e r ed on residential, commercial and industrial build-ing including form s , re i n f o r cing steel, and concre t e placement. (2) Each table of manhour units contains ad-equate explanations of the specific operations cove re d . By special permission of the publishers, Co n c re t e

  • The Basics of Concrete Cutting - G&M Services

    Determine which parts of the concrete need to be cut first. Some initial markings will make the job easier. Then start with a hand saw to make your first cut, which can be as much as four inches deep. If the concrete is deeper than four inches, then you should rely on a concrete cutting machine over a handsaw.


    14″ WALK BEHIND FLOOR CONCRETE CEMENT GAS CUT OFF SAW. $699.00 $575.00. 14″ WALK BEHIND FLOOR CONCRETE CEMENT GAS CUT OFF SAW – $575. WITH BRIGGS & STRATTON ENGINE. This briggs powered concrete saw is the ultimate multi-purpose cutting machine. It is designed to tackle the most demands.

  • How can I test for gas from concrete?

    The other seven specimens were prepared with one of the following: Samples were tested in accordance with ASTM standards for small-scale environmental chamber determination of VOCs using solid phase micro-extraction and a gas chromatograph coupled to a mass spectrometer. Six of the eight specimens produced few or no VOCs, presenting no health risk.

  • UpCodes: Searchable platform for building codes - Gas Piping ...

    2020/03/02 · In other than industrial occupancies and where approved by the Authority Having Jurisdiction, gas piping embedded in concrete floor slabs constructed with portland cement shall be surrounded with a minimum of 1 1 / 2 inches (38.