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  • Why Would I Want a Plasma Cutter? | Adventure Rider

    Mar 08, 2012 · With practice, the cuts are 99% as clean, and you'll find a lot more uses for it. With a torch, you can heat stuff to bend, heat to loosen, cut, weld, and have more portability than a plasma. A O/A rig can replace a plasma, but a plasma can't replace a gas torch. If you're already set-up with a gas torch, plasma's have their place.

  • What kind of cutting torch does a plasma cutting machine use?

    This plasma cutting machine includes a PT60 blowback cutting torch, complete with a Euro Central Connection, which provides premium control over your projects. It's specifically designed to produce top-quality cuts in stainless steel, alloy steel, mild steel, copper aluminum and many other types of metal materials.

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  • Which Cheap Chinese Plasma Cutter Under $500 Is The Best?

    The best performing and built machine you will find under $500. Non touch Pilot-Arc system that allows for easier operation and reduced wear on torch consumables. Comes with drag spacer allowing you to make clean straight cuts using a straight edge. Lotos is one of the most trusted Chinese plasma cutter …

  • Plasma Cutting Torch Upgrade Made Simple - YouTube

    Feb 10, 2020 · plasma cutting torch upgrade made simple .Doing a plasma cutter torch upgrade is very easy replacement plasma torch in under 5 minutes. Sometimes it not eve...

  • Plasma torch upgrade problems. | MIG Welding Forum

    Mar 05, 2018 · Plasma torch upgrade problems. Thread starter Mrthumb; Start date Dec 6, 2017; M. Mrthumb Member. Messages 32. ... i was given a Philips 3IX single phase plasma cutter which a torch hardwired which i can no longer get parts for. ... (Most of the cheap Chinese plasma - cut40 /cut 50 etc.) You need a torch that is for a HF start plasma.

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  • Which is the best plasma cutter for welding?

    Best of all is the Continuous Pilot Arc, which allows you to cut expanded, rusted and painted metals. This plasma cutter is highly portable so you can take it wherever it's needed, from the jobsite to home workshops and beyond. It's an ideal cutting device that can quickly and easily be attached to generators and welders.

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  • Laser Noob: Getting Started With The K40 Laser | Hackaday

    Sep 27, 2018 · That said, the cutter is a great platform for modification. You can bet I’ll be spending some time adding things like air assist and a better bed to …

  • Review - Cheap, Chinese, ebay Cut50 plasma cutter | MIG ...

    Came with a few consumables, reg, mount and other bits as you can see. PT31 Torch has a knurled metal body and a push switch with a nice action. Covering is some sort of cotton that will need some extra sewing. It does not scream "cheapest ever plasma cutter" so so far so good (actually the reg is about as chintzy as it gets)

  • Cheap Plasma Torch Upgrade --- Sunco Plasma Cutter ...

    Jun 11, 2018 · Did you order a cheap plasma cutter? You know that the cheap torch handle is a pain to deal with. So we went out to amazon and started looking, and we found ...

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  • China Plasma Cutter, Plasma Cutter Manufacturers, Suppliers ...

    CNC Plasma Cutter /Laser Cutter for 7*35m Metal Sheet Processing. FOB Price: US $ 8000.0-25000.0 / Set. Min. Order: 1 Set. Product Description CNC Flame & Plasma Cutting Machine, also known as Gantry-type Flame & Plasma Cutting Machine, is effectively used to cut Metal Work Pieces into random shape ...

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  • Is there a problem with my plasma cutter?

    The power LED turned on, the fan started, air blew through the torch when the trigger was pressed. The only problem was that there was never an arc nor any cutting. If you have a plasma cutter that isn't working, chances are there is a burned out component (s) inside.

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  • Build List | OpenBuilds

    A Torch Height Controller helps improve plasma cut quality and can save a CNC Machine from crashing. This design doesn't require you to know electronics or need any custom circuits... Its plug and play! This is a COMPLETELY standalone controller with a built-in …

  • Cutmaster 81?? | Pirate 4x4

    I am looking to add a plasma cutter to my toys. I really would like to get a Powermax 45, but I have an opportunity to pick up a used Cutmaster 81, complete with factory cart and Motorguard filter for ~ $700. It appears in good shape and is a 2007 model.

  • Which is the best plasma cutting table to buy?

    The modular STVCNC Sparx4800 is a robust Plasma Cutting Table that offers faster, cleaner cuts with a precise motion system and a sturdy, heavy-duty build able to support up to a 1” inch steel plate.

  • Torches for Plasma Cutters - Torch Heads and Inners

    Replacement PT 31 torch head suitable for CUT 40, CUT 50, CUT 60 and other Chinese plasma cutters, a replacement head for the PT 31 torch which is... £30.80 Add: ... This torch is suitable for use as a direct replacement for a damaged Trafimet S45 torch or as an upgrade for your machine to replace... £141.90 Add: Trafimet S45 Torch Inner PF1125.

  • How to fix a plasma cutter

    Jun 08, 2009 · My plasma cutter is a CUT40 and his is a CUT40D, but the resistors seem to be the same! I ordered a 10W 1kohm resistor (colors Brown, Black, Red, precision Gold). The plasma cutter initially had a resistor of 5W 1kohm, but since it burned out, I'm replacing it with one that can handle double the power...

  • Can I replace the plasma cutter torch head? - Weld Talk ...

    Jan 07, 2013 · Yes, you can replace the plasma cutter torch head. But you need to be careful as there are many torch factories. And though the factories consumables may interchange on some torches, sometimes the bodies and heads are vastly different.