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  • Custom Mechanization for Your Application | Bug-O Systems

    The DCW-5-L Circle Welder, equipped with Lincoln Electric® Power Feed 84® wire feeder, is capable of welding 1-12″ (25.4-304.8 mm) diameters.. The DCW-5-O Circle Welder, equipped with OTC-DAIHEN AF-4012 wire feeder, provides OTC patented wave pulse process with 1-12″ (25.4-304.8 mm) diameter range.

  • Bug-O Drives, Carriages, Rails & Attachments Designed to ...

    BUG-O Systems Inc., a division of Weld Tooling Corporation, founded in 1948, is a manufacturer of a system of drives, carriages, rails and attachments designed to automate welding guns, cutting torches and other hand held tools.

  • What do you need to know about Bug O equipment?

    Bug-O equipment quickly increases production, quality & savings in material handling and a better work environment for welders and operators. Reduce operator fatigue. Bug-O mechanized equipment is easy to use. Basic machine controls allow operators to control speed, direction and torch angle for cutting or welding.

  • Mechanized Cutting | Track, Circle & Pipe | Bug-O Systems

    Message Us Get in touch with the contact form below. Call Us (412) 331-1776. Name. Email. Company. Phone Number. City. State. ZIP. Country

  • Bug-O Modular Drive Systems | Automatic Pipe Welding Machines ...

    The Bug-O Modular Drive System can be programmed to travel along a weld joint a constant speed all the while perfectly maintaining the travel angle, work angle, and manipulation pattern of the torch. Feedback. 1-866-RED-D-ARC (1-866-733-3272)

  • Steel Fabrication | Welding Automation | Metal Cutting

    Home of Steelmax Tools' Collection of Cutting & Welding Automation, Pipe & Plate Beveling, Magnetic Drills & Hole Punching Machines, Metal Cutting Saws & more. Our foremost goal is to develop and bring cutting-edge steel fabrication solutions to our customers and help them become more productive, competitive and profitable.

  • Digital Welding Systems | Better Business Bureau® Profile

    Digital Welding Systems. 15559 Union Ave # 186 ... Additional Contact Information ... and understand that the nature of complaints and a firm's responses to them are often more important than the ...

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    Get in touch for more information on mechanized cutting & welding or to receive a free quote. ... Number. 14 + 5 = Submit Our Address ... Stay connected with Bug-O ...

  • Who is the manufacturer of Bug O systems?

    The Concept. BUG-O Systems, a Division of Weld Tooling Corporation, founded in 1948, is a manufacturer of a system of drives, carriages, rails and attachments designed to automate welding guns, cutting torches and other hand held tools.

  • Bug-O Systems | Mechanized Solutions For Welding & Cutting

    BUG-O Systems is a manufacturer that provides mechanized solutions for welding & cutting. Interchangeable components solve fabrication issues for our customers. 412-331-1776 [email protected]

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    BugGo offers quality services affordable prices with a 45 day guarantee on some services. When Bugs have to go, call bug Go. ASK US ABOUT OUR 45 DAY GUARANTEE! Contact us for a quote. Say Hello! Call Us @. 405.765.8710, or. 918.978.9890. or complete the form and hit the submit button.

  • BUG-O Systems, Inc. Welding Accessories Data Sheets ...

    BUG-O Systems, Inc. List your products or services on Engineering360. Contact Information. 161 Hillpointe Drive. Canonsburg, PA 15317 USA. Phone: (412) 331-1776.

  • Uni-bug III | Programmable Trackless Welding | Bug-O Systems

    The UNI-BUG III provides programmable control for stitch or continuous welding and is designed to mount and run on the top edge of a flat bar or stiffener with a minimum height of 2″ (50 mm) and a maximum width of 2″ (50 mm). The machine will turn on a radius down to 6″ (160 mm). The unit will travel at speeds from 4 to 75 inches per ...

  • What kind of welding machine does gullco use?

    The Gullco Flex KAT® is used throughout the world to automate a wide variety of welding and cutting operations.

  • BUG-O Welding System User Manuals Download | ManualsLib

    BUG-O Welding System User Manuals Download. Models. Document Type. B. BGW-1000. Instructions And Parts Manual. BGW-2000. Instructions And Parts Manual. Bug-O-Matic BUG-5700.

  • Bug-O Systems - YouTube

    WELDING AND CUTTING AUTOMATION SINCE 1948 BUG-O Systems equipment is an inexpensive, modular, building block family of portable machines which provide precise path and constant speed control in ...

  • What are the benefits of Bug O welding?

    Welders/operators are removed from the weld puddle and harmful welding exposure effects with Bug-O mechanization. Operator fatigue is reduced since the welding/cutting is performed by the machine and simply monitored by the operator. Uncomfortable repositioning that occurs with manual welding is not experienced.


    BUG-O Systems Inc., a division of Weld Tooling Corporation founded in 1948, is a manufacturer of a system of drives, carriages, rails and attachments designed to automate welding guns, cutting torches and other hand held tools. more-->

  • Bugo Mini-Vert Seam Welding Tractors

    PDF 1. The Mini-Vert III is a compact, lightweight battery powered welding travel carriage. It is held on the work piece with strong permanent magnets. It will travel and carry a welding gun in flat or vertical positions producing continuous uniform fillet welds. Mini-Vert III features a quick torch mount device which allows the welding gun to ...

  • Portable Welding Machine Rental From Bug - O | Toll Gas

    The versatile VCM 200/201 kits have a tractor machine that can be used on its own track for straight line cutting and a variety of welding operations. Off track and with a radius rod assembly, the VCM 200 can also be used for circle cutting. Large thumb screws for hand tight adjustments. Dual drive controls and direct speed readout.