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    Over the past 140 years, Blackwoods has grown from being a small marine supply business on the banks of Sydney Harbour, to where we are today - Australia's largest provider of industrial and safety supplies.

  • Koike Aronson - Handy Auto Automatic Gas Cutting Torch ...

    Koike superior design and quality tips ensure fast, smooth cuts. All fuel gases may be used. Includes: IK-12 Beetle S-100 with One Torch, One 72" Track, Three 102 Series cutting tips. Specifications. Cutting Thickness: 1/8" - 2" (5 - 30mm) Cutting Speed: 8 - 28"/min.

  • Koike: Home

    Welcome to KOIKE new Website! Since it's establishment in 1918, KOIKE has played an important role in the development of key industries, as an Acknowledged Leader in the manufacture of machine tools that use 'Gas Energy'. Over this period, we have pioneered the development of 'Plasma' and 'Laser' Cutting Machines and commercialized State of the ...

  • Laser cutting machines - DirectIndustry

    X travel: 2,550 mm - 8,300 mm Y travel: 1,270 mm - 2,700 mm Cutting speed: 141,000 mm/min. FIBERMAK SL G-FORCE FİBER LASER TECHNOLOGY We hereby present Fibermak Momentum Gen-3 with its re-newed design, dynamic lines, high productivity, perfect cut quality, ergonomic details thought for your needs and high ...

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    Used Koike Aronson-Mastergraph II Plasma table. Model MCM-II 3100 with 2 water tables 12 ft. by 24 ft. each. Come look at this plasma table and other machines at Bud's Machine Tools! 385-271-6718

  • Portable & Gas Apparatus Equipment - Koike

    Koike's full line of portable machines is highly diverse with solutions available for a wide variety of applications across many different industries. These machines and gas apparatuses were specifically engineered to improve shop productivity. With usability at the forefront of their design, they make it possible for operators of all skill levels to produce high-quality results.

  • Koike: History

    - The head office, KOIKE SANSO KOGYO CO., LTD. - Apr. 1951 The start of the production of the IK-12 portable automated gas cutting machine. This model becomes a best-seller soon after its release and serves as a forerunner to today's Koike world leading automated cutting machines.

  • CNC Cutting Machines | Plasma, Oxy fuel, Waterjet ... - Koike

    Cutting Machines. Koike cutting machines are ruggedly built with only the highest quality parts to deliver the ultimate in performance and accuracy. With CNC plasma, oxy-fuel, laser and waterjet options available, we can bring you the best solution for your needs. Every Koike cutting machine is designed and developed in the United States, allowing for accessible service, parts and support.

  • What is rotatable torch angle on Koike mini mantis?

    Rotatable torch angle allows bevelling cuts on flange and web. The vertical unit can be tiled for cutting flanges in angled directions. KOIKE’s quality construction, ensuring durability and trouble-free operation, and you have an economical, efficient, compact gas cutting machine for H-beam steel.

  • Portables & Gas Apparatus Equipment - Gas Cutting Nozzle ...

    Oxy - Fuel. Only the original Koike Oxy-Fuel Cutting Tip 102, 102HC, 102-D7, 103, 103-D7, 106, 106HC, 106-D7, 107 and 107-D7 are designed and manufactured to provide high-quality cutting, safe operation, longer cutting life, high-speed cutting and save gas costs. In addition, our 100 series cutting tip can be used to replace Airco style cutting ...

  • Koike Aronson - Handy Auto Automatic Gas Cutting Torch - RAM ...

    Description The Handy Auto automatic gas cutting torch can handle straight line, bevel, circle and shape cutting by simply rotating the wheel provided on the side of the torch. This convenient torch with it's light weight body is so easy to use that you will want one in every work station.

  • koike cutting for sale | eBay

    5.0 out of 5 stars. 2 product ratings. - Koike Bettle Oxygen Acetylene Motorized Cutting Torch Machine IK-12 W/ Torch. $375.00. or Best Offer. +$65.00 shipping. Watch.

  • Koike: TORCH SET- S-EPOCH 300 (IK-12 MAX3)

    The gas supplier is equipped with pressure gauge for burning gas as well as heating and cutting oxygen which provides an exact control over setting values. The burner support features a gear rack/ bevel drive in its lateral and vertical adjustment which affords an accurate positioning even while cutting.

  • Koike: History

    Koike manufactured and marketed the "IK-05 Lifting Piece Cutting Machine," a portable, automated gas cutting machine that employs a spring drive system instead of a motor, and is lightweight and compact for use in severe outdoor working environments. Apr. 2006

  • Koike: Home

    Koike is a world leader in CNC Oxy-Fuel, CNC Plasma, Fiber Laser, CO2 Precision Laser, Waterjet Cutting, Welding Positioner, Portable Cutting and Welding Carriages. Koike have 100 years of experiences and have one of the brodest line within the industries that we serve.

  • Koike: Cutting Nozzles

    KOIKE › Accessories Cutting Nozzles. Cutting nozzle 102 HC: Cutting nozzle 106 HC: Cutting nozzle 106 M Heavy Pre-Heat: ... Gas mixing machine cutting nozzle Data ...

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    The TEC Welding Products Company, established in 1955, is the oldest independent TIG torch maker. Its reputation for high quality innovative products is known and respected around the world.

  • Cutting Systems - the Experts in Plasma Cutting

    Cutting Systems specializes in custom plasma and oxy-fuel cutting machines. Getting the right tool for the job is critical when selecting your capital investment solution. From small fabrication shops to global Fortune 500 companies, Cutting Systems has the perfect steel cutting solution (built just for you).

  • Industrial Welding Gas KOIKE Torches for sale | In Stock | eBay

    Koike Aronson Auto-Picle-S Portable Pipe Cutting Machine Pipe Torch Gas Welding. $699.99. $100.01 shipping. 10 watching.

  • Welding Gas Tanks, Empty and Full Welding Gas Cylinders ...

    Gas Cylinders. Be prepared for all of your welding projects with welding gas tanks from Weldfabulous. Whether you require empty or full welding gas cylinders, rest assured that you're relying on one of the top welding gas suppliers around.Choose from 100% argon, Argon-CO2 blends, or 100% oxygen cylinders.If you need empty gas tanks, you'll find a wide selection of acetylene tanks, argon ...

  • IK-70 Semi-automated, Portable, Oxy Fuel, Circle Cutting Machine

    The rugged construction of the IK-70 is designed for quality flame cutting circles in a wide range of sizes. Operational versatility, ease and economy have all been built into this precision machine. IK-70 Features & Benefits. Oxy Fuel Circle Cutter Bevel or straight cut circles and holes; cut circles from 1-3/16" to 40" diameters; Rotating Gas Manifold

  • Koike Aronson - IK-12 Beetle Portable Automatic Gas Cutting ...

    It is known around the world as one of the best portable cutting machines in the industry. This portable gas cutting machine can be used with one or two oxy fuel torches. The IK-12 Beetle has a solid aluminum body and can perform straight line cutting, circle cutting, and bevel cutting.

  • Koike: Cutting Nozzles

    Cutting nozzle106 M7 Heavy Pre-Heat. Gas mixing machine cutting nozzle. Data sheet>>. Gas mixing machine cutting nozzle. Data sheet>>. High speed cutting nozzle mix. Data sheet>>.

  • KOIKE Worldwide | Manufacturer of Cutting, Welding and ...

    The Portable Cutting and Welding machines can cut pipe, steel, aluminum, metal and position small parts to assist in the welding process. Our Gas Apparatus line provides greater longevity and is the leader in offering some of the safest equipment in the world.

  • Global Welding Supplies

    gas accessories. flint lighter tip cleaners bottle keys torch parts regulator parts stems & nuts bottle trolleys & brackets; cutting torches. harris comet style hi-lo; cutting tips. harris comet style koike style hi-lo; gouging tips. harris comet style; cutting systems and kits. cutting kits circle cutting creeper cutter light duty & plumbing ...

  • What are the different types of Koike rail?

    There are three different types of rails. The 1 D rail made of aluminum allows cutting of even surfaces. The cutting system 2 D/ 3 D made of hard rubber with flexible steel pipes in the inside allows cuts in the second and third dimension. All rails are delivered with magnetic holder enabling cuts in vertical and horizontal position.

  • Metal Profile Cutting Machines | Refurbished & New In ...

    Here you will find a great choice of new, used and refurbished CNC plasma and gas profile cutting machines, affordably priced and with a warranty and with over 50 years in business we have a huge amount of knowledge on all makes and models of gas and plasma profile cutting equipment.. We provide machines from a range of leading manufacturers such as ESAB, Esprit and Messer and …

  • Koike: Home

    Since it's establishment in 1918, KOIKE has played an important role in the development of key industries, as an Acknowledged Leader in the manufacture of machine tools that use 'Gas Energy'. Over this period, we have pioneered the development of 'Plasma' and 'Laser' Cutting Machines and commercialized State of the Art automated systems using CNC controls those kept pace with the latest market needs.


    Description. FLAME PLANER is equipped with multiple gas vertical cutting torch.Oxy-Fuel Cutting Machine for cutting of flat steel by cutting a straight lines simultaneously. Gantry structure provides the possibillity to set freely the rail span, from small to large span with 500mm interval, and the maximum of 40 Cutting Torches can be installed. In addition to the vertical cutting (I-Cut), bevel cutting of V, Y, X, K can be performed by one pass using a bevel block.

  • Sell KOIKE BEAVER Gas Cutting Machine by Anugrah Cipta Energy ...

    Jan 11, 2021 · KOIKE BEAVER Gas Cutting Machine. Rp 1.000. Harga tidak mengikat dan sewaktu-waktu dapat berubah. Dapatkan harga terbaik dengan klik tombol Minta Penawaran. Minimum Order 1 unit. stock 212. Country Origin Japan. Categories Cutting Machine Plat. Last Updated 11 Jan 2021.

  • What kind of cutting machine is the ik-72t?

    The IK-72T is a portable automatic cutting machine for all positions (Three dimensional). There are three different types of rails. The 1 D rail made of aluminum allows cutting of even surfaces. The cutting system 2 D/ 3 D made of hard rubber with flexible steel pipes in the inside allows cuts in the second and third dimension.

  • Koike: FLEXIGRAPH-Smart

    Description. The Flexigraph-Smart is CNC oxy-fuel & plasma cutting machine. The Flexigraph-Smart would surely help you improve your productivity by automating cutting application with most simple machine components and intelligent CNC system at excellent cost-performance.

  • Airgas - KOIZA4201104 - Koike Aronson/Ransome Cir-Cut II ...

    Koike Cir-Cut II Cutting Machine with electro-magnet is ideal for oxygen fuel cutting and produces bevel or straight cut circles or holes. Machine can cut circles with diameters ranging from 1 9/16 - 8 and can cut in plates with a thickness of up to 1 1/6. It offers …

  • Premium Quality koike cutting machine -

    The. koike cutting machine may be plasma or flame cutting machines. Cutting metal using these machines is super-fast, accurate, and easy. They are usually used when an efficient and effective metal cutting outcome is desired. They also offer the best results when a straight-line is needed when cutting metal.

  • KOIKE – Machinebanks

    KOIKE SANSO KOGYO, CO., LTD., develops and manufactures various types of gas cutting machines, welding carriage and programmable advanced cutting equipment and related products to industries that process steel, aluminum, and stainless steel worldwide. Showing 1–16 of 41 results.

  • Koike: PNC-12 Extreme

    The PNC-12 EXTREME is a whole new innovative cutting solution developed with KOIKE's highest standard. It is a perfect machine to enter the world of CNC cutting. Based on the demands from the market for a simple, affordable, and versatile CNC cutting machine, KOIKE designed a machine that is portable, operated by CNC, and suitable for both oxy ...

  • Koike: Picle-1

    Description. Picle-1-II is a manually operated pipe cutting machine for cutting and bevelling pipes. Equipped with a chain and worm gear drive system with low transmission ratio, leading to an absolutely frictionless feel.

  • MATHESON Online Store

    The MATHESON Online Store is actually TWO STORES in one! The WELDING PRODUCTS store offers equipment, oxy-fuel regulators (and outfits), MIG guns, TIG torches, consumables, filler metals, replacement parts, abrasives, apparel, accessories, and safety equipment - much of it carrying the MATHESON Select® Brand - our assurance of quality, safety, and value.

  • Cutting Machine Solutions | Plasma and Oxy-fuel - Koike

    CNC Plasma & Oxy-Fuel Cutting Machines. Our complete line of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) cutting machines are built to provide the best cut quality, accuracy and reliability for the life of the machine. We offer a two year warranty and the parts used to make these cutting machines …

  • Airgas - KOIZM30400 - Koike Aronson/Ransome 72" Straight ...

    Package Size: 1 Each. 225. $225.00 Each. $225.00 Each. EA. KOIZM30400 Koike Aronson/Ransome 72" Straight Track For IJ-12 MAX3 Cutting Machines. Typically in Stock. Add to cart.