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    Hot Wire Foam Cutter – Arduino PWM Hardware components: Arduino UNO & Genuino UNO × 1 Atmel ATTiny85 × 1 DigiSpark × 1 Plastic box for electronics × 1 Jumper wires (generic) × 1 IRF530 × 1… Easily run your ATtiny at 16MHz, without an external clock, from the Arduino IDE

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    Rotary saw or "spiral-cut saw" or "RotoZip": for making accurate cuts, without using a pilot hole, in wallboard, plywood, and other thin materials. Electric miter saw or "chop saw," or "cut-off saw" or "power miter box": for making accurate cross cuts and miter cuts. The basic version has a circular blade fixed at a 90° angle to the vertical.

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    A Torch Height Controller helps improve plasma cut quality and can save a CNC Machine from crashing. This design doesn't require you to know electronics or need any custom circuits... Its plug and play! This is a COMPLETELY standalone controller with a built-in Driver powerful enough to run just about any stepper motor.

  • AD - American Rotary

    AD Digital Smart Series - The AD Rotary Phase Converter is specifically suited for CNC, VFD, rectified and any other voltage sensitive equipment. Best for: Any load, especially resistive, rectified and computer loads such as CNC, VFD, EDM, and battery chargers. Floor Mount Style: Some assembly required


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