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  • Cutting_Machine_Torches - Koike - PDF Catalogs | Technical ...

    Machine Torches and Accessories Koike Aronson Machine Torches and Accessories The line of Koike products includes the cost efficient Koike 300L, 500L and Epoch 300 series tips and torches. They are ideal for heavy duty, high quality cutting in industries such as metal fabrication, shipyards, salvage, construction and other general purpose uses.

  • Koike: Bevel Master

    Bevel Master: Structure: Fixed Type: Ground Traveling Type: Ceiling Mounted Type: Robot Type: Panasonic TL-1800: Touch Sensor: Sensing Probe Type: Number of Motion Axis: 6-axis: 7-axis: Effective Cutting Thickness: 1000×1000mm: 1000×4000mm: 2000×6000mm: Max. Cutting Thickness: 50mm (Please consult in case of thick plate more than 50mm) Max. Bevel Angle: 45° Positive/Negative


    Effective cutting width: 3.1m, 3.6m, 4.1m, 4.6m, 5.1m Extendable cutting length New options SUPER Series oxygen plasma cutting system 3D-link type plasma bevel cutting system Machine Drawing and Dimensions Specification Model Name Versagraph-4000 DX I, ( “4000” is same as its “ Rail span” )

  • How many shapes can you cut with Koike?

    Computer controlled technology allows unlimited shape cutting using 45 pre-programmed patterns or use of NC code. Including straight lines, circles, programmed shapes, artwork and straight beveling.

  • Track-Guided Cutting - Koike

    Explore our complete line of portable track guided cutting machines that are trusted by professional welders in every industry. All of the units are Simply Better Built, with the highest quality parts and workmanship. Backed by a 1-year warranty on the machine and lifetime warranty against a sustained flashback on the oxy-fuel torch. The IK-12 ...

  • CNC automated plasma and oxy-acetylene adapts to most ... - Koike

    PNC-12 Extreme Portable CNC Cutting Machine **Special on PNC-12 Extreme unit only (posted 3/28/19) If you’re a hobbyist looking for a portable CNC cutting machine with a proven design and legendary Koike Aronson reliability, look no further than the PNC-12 Extreme.

  • Koike: Handy Auto Plus

    The Handy Auto Plus is a portable hand held gas cutting machine with an integrated drive system, ignition device and Start-Stop-function for pre-heating flame. It ensures highest cut quality in vertical, circular and shape cutting as well as beveling. Besides cutting of flat surfaces it is also possible to perform curved contours on vertical ...

  • Monograph Millennium - Koike - PDF Catalogs | Technical ...

    The KAR CNC control is easy to operate and maintain. KOIKE ARONSON, INC. Open the catalog to page 1. Specifications Form MOM-1000-0208 MONOGRAPH Millennium Series Koike KAR CNC PC Based Control MACHINE SPECIFICATIONS Effective Cutting Area 5’ X 10’ Maximum Plate Thickness 5/8 inches (production capacity 3/8 inch) Rapid Traverse Speed 1400 IPM Machine Height 63-3/4 inches Machine Width 83-1/4 inches Machine Length 191 inches Drive Pulse width modulation w/rack and pinion Power 115VAC ...


    machine operation. Shown: Cutting table and IHT cutting torch optional Koike Aronson Inc./Ransome has designed the PlateProXHD to provide excellent thermal cutting at an affordable price. This automated dual side drive, plasma/oxy-fuel cutting machine is cost efficient and is manufactured in the U.S.A. There is also a two-year warranty.


    A stainless steel cutting oxygen liner results in the tip lasting up to five times longer over standard tips Koike Torch Bevel Head Attachment The bevel head attachment is used in place of a Koike cutting tip. It is used for bevel cutting operations, including top and bottom bevel cuts. Koike Twin Tip Holder Coverts a single oxy-fuel cutting ...

  • Koike: SUPER 400Pro II

    Life time and cutting quality was improved compared to the previous model. In addition, the anti-magnetic arc blow function improves due to the review of comsumables structure, and cutting is also possible under magnetic force of 300mT. (under the test environment in the company). New function of jet pierce that perform safe piercing was added.

  • KOIKE Cutting and Welding Machine - Posts | Facebook

    KOIKE Cutting and Welding Machine. 340 likes · 4 talking about this. We Koike Sanso Kogyo co., ltd. Japanese company. Our company supply various types of machine for cutting and welding

  • Koike: Portable Cutting

    Portable Cutting Machines; Application/ Type: Straigt Line: Shape: Hole: Curved Line: H-shape steel: Various steel shape: Pipe: Square pipe: Vertical surfaces: IK-12 NEXT

  • Premium Quality koike cutting machine - offers quality. koike cutting machine that help to make the process of cutting metals more accurate, quite easy, and quick. The machines come in various brands, types, and models that you can find in the markets. Cutting a metal that is thick or thin requires lots of precision. This is where these. koike cutting machine come in handy.

  • MAXPRO200 plasma cutting system | Hypertherm

    MAXPRO200 plasma system. The MAXPRO200 ® LongLife ® plasma cutting system is engineered for heavy-duty, high capacity automated and handheld cutting and gouging applications. The easy-to-use system operates with either air, oxygen, or nitrogen plasma gas, and combines fast cutting speeds and quick process changes to maximize productivity.

  • Pipe Cutting - Koike

    Pipe Cutting. The Auto Picle – S is a motorized oxy-fuel pipe cutting machine with remote control and capabilities to cut up to 94 inch diameter (2400mm) pipe. *See product page for details on options. The Picle – 1 – II pipe cutter provides portable mechanized cutting of pipes up to 24 inch (600mm) in diameter with an easy to operate ...

  • IK-72T Portable All Position Gas Cutting Machine - Koike

    Portable, Automatic, All-Position Cutting Machine. The KOIKE IK-72T cuts various types of steel including channel, curved plate and angled steel members. KOIKE's IK-72T unit is ideal for ships, vessels, domes and tank/building repair. IK-72T Features & Benefits. Permanent Magnet Track Secures track to plate; allows track to be used vertically

  • 3D-LT Bevel Head - Koike - PDF Catalogs | Technical ...

    Specifications Contour Cutting-Capable of Beveling angles to: Rotation Tilt Speed Rotation Speed Height Control Compatible Machine(s) Plasma System Bevel Types +50° to -50° Continuous 20 RPM 60 RPM Sensor THC Versagraph Millennium or Mastergraph Series High-Density Plasma System (rated for bevel cutting mild steel 1/4” to 2” thick) X, Y, V, & K 360° Continuous Rotation Accuracy Height ...

  • Cir-Cut I/II Portable Circle Bevel Cutting Machine - Koike

    Excellent Cutting Capability Cut circle diameters ranging from 40 mm - 200 mm (1-9/16 to 8 in) cut in plates with a thickness extending up to 30 mm (1-3/16); beveling from 0° - 45° possible. High Quality Oxy-Fuel Cutting Tips Koike's superior design Series 100 torch tips are included to ensure fast, smooth cuts.

  • What does a Koike edge cut valve do?

    Edge-Cut bevels the plate edge top and bottom up to 45 degrees without the need for a track. Ease of setup and constant speed ensure high quality cutting, even during long distance cuts. The KOIKE Snap Valve allows pre-setting of flames to reduce setup time while reducing gas waste.

  • How much does a Koike edge cut machine weigh?

    The KOIKE Snap Valve allows pre-setting of flames to reduce setup time while reducing gas waste. The highly portable Edge-Cut weighs only 26 lbs. and can be used with a 6 ft. extendable track for more conventional cutting. The machine can also be adapted to cut circles while beveling.

  • Welcome to Koike's 3D Bevel Cutting Informational Video - YouTube

    "Welcome to the world of 3D bevel cutting from Koike. Koike Aronson now offers a 3D link contour bevel cutting attachment for its Versagraph Millennium integ...

  • Can a Koike cutting machine be used for beveling?

    The machine can also be adapted to cut circles while beveling. KOIKE warranties the torches for life against a damaging sustained flashback while using genuine KOIKE cutting tips.

  • Portable Gas Cutting Machines – Welding machine,TIG,MIG,Robot ...

    plasma cutting machine; laser cutting machine; cnc oxy-gas/plasma cutting; gas cutting; cnc center equipment. lathes machine; milling machine; multi-functional cnc machining center; ficep – h beam production line; accessories. hypertherm accessories; welding consumables; panasonic accessories; koike accessories; tools machine. bevelling ...

  • Koike Aronson - PICLE-1 II Portable Gas Pipe Cutting Machine ...

    The Picle-1 portable gas pipe cutting machine is manually operated and uses a chain and gear drive system. The drive chain is comprised of durable, interlocking links that can easily be added or removed for quick change of pipe diameters. Features a graduated bevel collar to ensure accurate bevel setting.

  • CNC Plasma Cutting Systems & Abrasive Waterjet Cutters

    AKS Cutting Systems manufactures CNC cutting machines including plasma cutters, waterjet cutting systems and oxy-fuel burning tables for the sheet metal, plate metal, and fabricating industries. AKS has introduced two revolutionary cutting table features exclusive to our products: robo-kut robotic plasma and waterjet beveling system.

  • Koike: PNC-12 Extreme

    Maximum cutting speed: 3.000 mm/min. Input voltage: Single phase 200 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz: Oxy-fuel cutting specification (for Oxy-fuel Cutting Package only) Oxy-fuel Cutting Package: 1 set motorized torch lifter with automatic solenoid valves, Koike high quality cutting torch: Included cutting nozzles: 5x High quality KOIKE nozzles: Cutting thickness: 5 - 50 mm

  • Automatic Straight Cutting Machine IK-12 BEETLE

    cutting machine for straight line cutting that emphasizes the practicality. IK-12 max3 has an stable driving performance by its powerful motor, which allows to easily perform various Straight (I-CUT) and Bevel cutting, or Circle cutting. Machine has achieved a stable operation by the use of the single cone stepless transmission system. The travel

  • Koike Aronson - IK-12 Beetle Portable Automatic Gas Cutting ...

    The IK-12BEETLE is an affordable, portable, oxy fuel cutting machine. It is known around the world as one of the best portable cutting machines in the industry. This portable gas cutting machine can be used with one or two oxy fuel torches. The IK-12 Beetle has a solid aluminum body and can perform straight line cutting, circle cutting, and bevel cutting.

  • Edge Cut - Lightweight, Trackless Oxy-Fuel Beveling Cutting ...

    The highly portable Edge-Cut weighs only 26 lbs. and can be used with a 6 ft. extendable track for more conventional cutting. The machine can also be adapted to cut circles while beveling. KOIKE warranties the torches for life against a damaging sustained flashback while using genuine KOIKE cutting tips. Edge Cut Features & Benefits. Trackless Beveling