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  • Why do PVC pipes crack and become brittle?

    PVC pipe can become brittle due to chemical exposure. As a polymer, chemicals can have a profound negative effect on the makeup of PVC, causing loosening of bonds between molecules in the plastic and hastening the rate of plasticizer migration out of the pipe.

  • How to Properly Cut CPVC Pipe - FlowGuard

    Apr 09, 2019 · Cutting CPVC Pipe CPVC piping can be easily cut with a wheel cutter, a hack saw or other fine toothed hand or power saws. Use of ratchet cutters for new pipes is permitted, provided blades are sharpened regularly. During maintenance or when connecting to an old line, ratchet cutters should be not be used.

  • Can you cut PVC pipe with a PVC cutter?

    The obvious and easy way to cut PVC pipe is with PVC cutters. This method is reasonably safe, and you won’t need to use a lot of force. Keep in mind that if you wanted to know how to cut 3 inch PVC pipe, this probably wouldn’t work. Most PVC cutters can only cut thinner tubes, usually up to 1 or 2 inches in thickness.

  • Tool Tips: Cutting brittle plastic pipe | 2018-03-31 ...

    Mar 31, 2018 · This instantly softens the pipe just enough to make the blade flow through the pipe like a hot knife through butter. This also works great if you are using one-handed 2-inch PVC cutters and you are cutting through 1-1/4-inch to 2-inch pipe. It makes cutting through any plastic pipe so much easier, and the brittle pipe won’t crack.

  • How does a CPVC pipe cutting blade work?

    These cutters are basically the same as metal tubing cutters only with a special blade for CPVC. The cutter works by gradually tightening the cutting blade as you rotate the tool around the pipe. The tool scores the pipe a little deeper each time until it cuts all the way through. This gives you a squared edge that is clean and free from burrs.