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  • What kind of CNC is used for a plasma table?

    10’ X 100’ Plasma table with Windows based CNC, 1 XPR300 Plasma Cutting Head, Oxy Fuel Cutting Head, Fume Extraction Table with Switch Control, Changeable Grills, Dross Collecting System, Brushless AC Servo Motors on all Axis and Torch Collision Protection.

  • How big is a Hypertherm plasma cutting bed?

    The size of the X-Y cutting bed for this type of machine will range from 2′ x 2′ to 5′ x 10′. When you see a CNC plasma table like this for sale, pricing will start at around $8,000 and go up to $24,000. Entry level CNC plasma cutting machines are compatible with Hypertherm’s Powermax ® line of air plasma systems.

  • How big is the Hypertherm fuel cutting system?

    8’ X 24’ Plasma & Oxy Fuel Cutting System with the Hypertherm Navigator II CNC Controls, RS 232 Communications, Hypertherm HT2000, 200 Amp Plasma Power Source, Dual Oxy Fuel Torches and Water Table.

  • What can I buy from a Hypertherm cutting machine?

    Table manufacturers buy the power supplies, torches, and consumables from Hypertherm. We also make ancillary equipment like height control systems, CNCs, and the CAD and CAM software that drives this cutting equipment. Next, for further clarification, we should break the X-Y cutting machines into three general levels:

  • CNC Plasma Cutting Machine with Flame Torch - FORSUN

    Main Description of CNC Plasma Cutting Machine with Flame Torch. CNC plasma and flame cutting machine is specially designed for metal plate cutting, it is characterized by high automation and efficiency, easy operation, and long service time. At FORSUN CNC, we are able to cut your items with CNC flame and plasma from 10 to 200 mm in thickness.

  • 1/2" Capacity Plasma Cutters for Sale Online | Hypertherm ...

    This 1/2 inch plasma cutters offer the newest features that you need for the precision cutting and include such things as; drag-cutting technology and CNC interfaced torch connections. All while remaining as lightweight, portable, and compact as is possible for easy transportation and/or maneuvering to get it, and your cut, exactly where it ...