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  • Operating Instructions and Parts Manual Plasma Cutter

    Operating Instructions and Parts Manual Plasma Cutter PLASMA 375 -Keep harmful arc rays shielded from the view of others. -Mount the plasma cutter on a secure bench or cart that will keep the welder secure and prevent it from tipping over or falling. 1.2 Your Plasma Cutter’s Condition

  • Used Ajan CNC for sale. Akyapak equipment & more | Machinio

    Machine is in good condition 3000 mm x 12000 mm CNC Plasma cutting machine. $38,214. Turkey. 2011 AJAN CNC 3000 X 8000 260 AMP. PLASMA + QXY CUTTING. Manufacturer: Ajan Cnc. AJAN CNC HAS 260 AMPS OF PLASM IN 3000X8000 SIZE. THE MACHINE HAS BEEN USED Slightly, ALL MAINTENANCE HAS BEEN MADE, UNTIL ITS GRILLS.

  • Plasma Cutter SHP - Plasma and Laser Cutters - CNC Machines ...

    Plasma cutters SHP 130A, 260A, 460A. The SHP plasma cutter is a modern and innovative device based on the construction of the gate. The portal is made of a light, yet stiffened profile, which guarantees high dynamics and precision of the cutting process. AC servo motors are responsible for machine drive in all four axes.

  • CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Operational Manual | MachineMfg

    Remove the wire on the left side and place it parallel to the plasma cutting machine. Fix the plasma cutter with 6 anchor bolts and adjust the equipment with the balance level. Connect the power cord of the plasma power to the power supply of the workshop (three-phase 380V, 50HZ) according to the power.

  • USER'S MANUAL - Adendorff

    Plasma Cutting Machine series can product the stronger, the more trated and concen the more stable arc. The arc is pressed fiercely by the quickly flowing air and the temperature can be up to 1000015000 -centigrade degree. That forms the electrolyteestate and then form strong plasma has the functions of arc initiationarc. It current, arc stop

  • CNC Cutting Machine Operating Manual - Manual operation of three cutting torch swivel head Manual torch rotating head only cut for linear cutting torch.It must use manual to change direction when needs change groove cutting direction. It is merely coordinate direction of the straight-line cutting, linear groove cut or deburring when the welding edge groove.

  • Combined CNC Plasma Cutting Machine - AJAN CNC

    Ajan Combined CNC Plasma cutting machine has the advantage of having sheet metal cutting table and pipe cutting chuck in one machine with single plasma torch and plasma generator.

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  • Ajan Electronics | CNC Cutting Machine Manufacturer

    Ajan Electronics creates the best CNC cutting machines like plasma, oxy-fuel and pipe cutting systems.

  • Plasma Cutting Machines Manuals User Guides - CNC Manual

    Plasma Cutting Machines Manuals. Instruction Manual and User Guide for Plasma Cutting Machines. We have 1 Plasma Cutting Machines manuals for free PDF download.



  • CNC Plasma Cutting Machine - AJAN CNC

    • Precision Plasma 130/260 Ampere . • Standard Marking on Precision Plasma • Automatic torch height control. • Effective cutting without reducing the cutting speed for the vectors which have the same start and end angles (High speed machining ) • The ability to go back to any position and resume cutting. • Resume feature.

  • Plasma Table Manual -

    CNC Plasma Cutting System Operating Manual Revised September 14, 2018 800-338-5471

  • COMBINED CNC Plasma Cutting Machines - YouTube

    -Ability to cut pipes ranged between 50 and 600mm diameter.-Steel constructed body.-Precision Plasma 130 / 260 Ampere Generator.For more details please visit...

  • AJAN Cam - Plasma and Laser Cutters - CNC Machines - AJAN Poland

    AJAN Cam. AjanCam is our program. This program was created to fully integrate thermal cutters with a technologist who is to prepare the production. The CAM module uses intelligent grading of the level of detail nesting on the sheet. This guarantees maximum use of the automatic nesting function in time.

  • CNC Plasma Cutting Machine - Ajan - Bison Machinery

    Ajan 1503/260 High Definition Plasma Cutting Machine 415V 3.0 x 1.5 metre bed - 260 Amp Plasma Unit. Ajan 2004/260 High Definition Plasma Cutting Machine 415V 4.0 x 2.0 metre bed - 260 Amp Plasma Unit. Ajan 2006/260 High Definition Plasma Cutting Machine 415V 6.0 x 2.0 metre bed - 260 Amp Plasma Unit. Get In Touch.

  • How to use the plasmacam cutting table software?

    How to use the cutting table. How to use the software, including a tutorial with several example projects you can work through to learn the system. How to replace parts and maintain the machine in good working order.

  • What kind of power does a plasma cutter need?

    The Plasma 375 is an IGBT inverter plasma cutter with thermal overload protection, a Trafimet torch and a built-in gas regulator. This easy to use plasma cutter has the power to cut up to 3/8 in. materials and a pilot arc that makes cutting expanded metal possible. This machine required single-phase 230V (220V-240V), 60 Hz input power.

  • Ajan Cnc - Flame and plasma cutter - YouTube


    6 CNC CUTTING MACHINES CNC thermal cutting machine Vanad PROXIMA is a highly efficient device which is designed to be used by really challenging customers for heavy operations. The machine works perfectly on a large metal sheet and could be used with many oxy-fuel torches along, with manual or fully automatic bevelling.

  • What are the features of an Ajan plasma cutting machine?

    • Precision Plasma 130/260 Ampere . • Automatic torch height control. • The ability to go back to any position and resume cutting. • Resume feature. • Working with standard DIN/ISO G Codes. • Possibility of working with DXF,ESSI and NC toolpath files. • Free AJAN Drawing software. • 15 m/min. rapid traverse speed.

  • Ajan CNC Plasma Mark Cutting - YouTube

    CNC Plasma Mark Cutting Machine can help you to cut metal with different thickness and reduced the wastage of your metal. Here you can see the capability of ...

  • USA pdf - AJAN CNC

    CNC-PLASMA CUTTING MACHINES CNC-PL ASMA CUT TING MA CHINES • Resume feature. • Working with standard DIN/ISO G Codes. • Possibility of working with DXF,ESSI and NC toolpath files. • The possibilty to override all the parameters while the machine is working • Free AJAN Drawing software. • 49 ft/min. rapid traverse speed.


    (nc-plasma cutting machines ajan plazma Özellikleri ajan plasma technical specifications kesme amperi amperage 30 amp 40 amp 80 amp 130 amp 260 amp 260 amp 45 amp 80amp 130 amp 260 amp 45 amp 130 amp 260 amp gas 02/02 02/alr h35/n2 nz/n2 f5/n2 f5/n2 air/air air/air h35/n2 air/air h35/n2 n2/n2 air/air h35/n2 air/air minimum kahnllk min. thickness

  • Ajan High Definition CNC Plasma Cutting Machines

    Ajan High Definition CNC Plasma Cutting Machines [email protected] The Ajan High Definition CNC plasma cutting machines offer high quality profile cutting for a range of materials, delivering both excellent edge squareness and a virtually dross free finish, while maintaining production feed rates. The machines are constructed to a heavy industrial

  • 1973’ten Günümüze Since 1973 - AJAN CNC ELEKTRONİK

    cut pipes and sheet metal with CNC plasma cutting system. First of all, the most important differences from the similar machines are that the conventional plasma cutting generator hasn’t been used and it has been equipped with Precision Plasma series 130 Ampere or 260 Ampere precise cutting plasma generator, torch

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  • How to connect a plasma arc cutting machine?

    Connect the power supply and the signal line, connect the plasma arc voltage line and the arc line with the CNC cutting machine (Check the plasma specification to confirm the plasma arc line and the arc). As shown in the following figure 1:

  • Cut charts - Plasma Automation

    HPR260 Auto Gas Instruction Manual 4-15 5 Mild steel O 2 Plasma / O 2 Shield 30 A Cutting 220173 220194 220313 220180220193 220192 *Pierce complete is recommended for these thicknesses Note: Air must be connected to use this process. It is used as the preflow gas Select Gases Set Preflow Set Cutflow Material Thickness Arc Voltage Torch-to-Work ...

  • PlasmaCAM - PlasmaCAM CNC cutting machine instruction manual ...

    The PlasmaCAM Instruction Manual is exceptionally clear and well-illustrated. It covers the following areas in detail: How to quickly set up the cutting table when you receive it. How to use the cutting table. How to use the software, including a tutorial with several example projects you can work through to learn the system.

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