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  • How does the Cobra dhc2000 welding torch work?

    The combination of a low velocity flame and concentrated heat deliver a new level of welding control and versatility. Since the DHC2000 operates with a flame velocity up to four times lower than a conventional torch, it prevents the molten weld puddle from "blowing out", enabling welding of difficult materials such as ALUMINUM.

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  • Detroit Torch (Cobra/Henrob/DHC2000/etc.) Dodgy CS, help?

    Jun 16, 2018 · George Goehl and Kent White (both have YouTube videos) use them and Kent even lightened his up by removing the cast handle assembly since he uses his for welding/brazing but apparently not for cutting. Dillon/Henrob/Cobra 2000, Victor 100FC, Meco-N-Midget, Hobart HH187, Miller Thunderbolt 225AC, Razorweld Vipercut 30A Plasma, and lots of grinders.

  • Henrob 2000 (Cobra) torch - Miller Welding Discussion Forums

    Aug 14, 2004 · 08-14-2004, 08:21 AM. I've used them, and i sell them. There a decent torch but you have to practice and practice with it. It will cut s/s and alum, but it's only on thin material and it's just a burn cut, you could do the same with a cutting torch if your good enough and have a small tip. The only thing i like about it is that customers can ...

  • Oxy Acetylene Welding - Henrob 2000

    Heavy Duty Welding Cutting Acetylene Hoses Oxy Acetylene Welding Brazing Uniweld Oxygen Refurbished Victor Prest-O-Lite Acetylene Torch Acetylene Welding Brazing Tip Acetylene Welding Regulator Gauge Heavy Duty Oxygen Acetylene Welding Heating Tip Welding Brazing Tips Regulator With 30 Day Warranty Smiths Cutting Torch Vintage Victor Cutting Torch Handle Mixer Torch 315Fc Ca2460 Oxygen ...

  • HENROB 2000 Torch Kits - Miller Welding Discussion Forums

    Apr 22, 2009 · The first thing to understand is that anything, that can be done with henrob/cobra can be done with a regular torch as far as the aluminum, stainless etc. welding and brazing. The cutting is a different story. A regular cutting torch can't do the tight turns etc they show at the the shows. Now they are a lot heavier than a regular torch, the ...

  • How old are the henrob cobra gas gauges?

    Henrob/Cobra gauges seem to be pricy. I have a old set of gauges that must be 50 years old and I have a very hard time setting consistent, real low gas pressures recommended by the torch directions. I can't afford the henrob gauges.

  • henrob | eBay

    Related: henrob torch henrob 2000 dhc 2000 cobra torch dillon torch. Include description. ... DILLON MK III Cutting Welding Torch System DHC Cobra Henrob. Pre-Owned ...

  • DHC2000 Welding and Cutting Torch – Detroit Torch

    The Dillon, the Henrob, the Cobra - No matter how you refer to the DHC2000, it has always been a small business dedictaed to delivering a quality product to it's customers. Even with this rollercoaster economy, the DHC2000 is still made in the USA. "I have multiple welders, including gas, MIG TIG, ARC, and multiple Torches.

  • Henrob 2000 (Cobra DHC 2000, Dillion Mark IV) - Weld Talk ...

    Sep 21, 2008 · Henrob 2000 (Cobra DHC 2000, Dillion Mark IV)

  • Cobra Torches Australia - DHC2000 History

    The DHC 2000 has been referred to as the Dillion, Henrob 2000 and CobraTorch. During the 1970's an Australian named Ed Dillon (a coppersmith), tired of driving miles to refill his tanks, sets out to develop a more efficient O/A torch. Eleven years later, the torch is ready to manufacture & market.

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    Introducing the DHC 2000 Torch Manufactured Cobra Tozchess The DHC 2,000 Torch has developed of is to exac$žng achieve characteristics. of 'he be read thoroughly thaw already ond simp;e chonges to cperagor yecànžque ave reguiyed he emphasized these Me e! you the of or czuseú by or have Inc. Alt

  • Can you cut steel with a Cobra DHC 2000?

    What bothers me is that the owners with them don’t seem to be using them to cut steel, something I’m very interested in. They all seem to just be welding thin metal with them and saying they haven’t even tried cutting yet, even George Goehl said he hasn’t gotten around to cutting with his yet.

  • Cobra torch kit, The DHC 2000, Henrod 2000 - YouTube

    Cut Like A Plasma - Weld Like A Tig

  • History Of The Cobra DHC 2000 Gas Welding Torch

    The DHC 2000 has been referred to as the Dillion, Henrob 2000 and Coba Torch. During the 1970's an Australian named Ed Dillion developed an O/A torch that performed better than traditional torches and began selling the torch in the US under the name Dillion. At that time the torches were manufactured in Switzerland.

  • Henrob 2000 (Cobra DHC 2000, Dillion Mark IV) - Weld Talk ...

    Mar 03, 2009 · Henrob 2000 (Cobra DHC 2000, Dillion Mark IV)

  • Detroit Torch DHC2000 ProMaster Gas Welding Torch

    The DHC 2000 / Henrob 2000 Torch, cuts steel like plasma - welds like TIG. Welds most difficult metals including aluminum, stainless steel, chromoly, cast iron, sheet metal and more... Up to 50% - 70% gas savings. Made in the USA since 1982 and comes with a lifetime warranty!!

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    Aug 17, 2011 · Henrob/cobra 2000 torch. Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by plmczy, Aug 17, 2011. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Joined: Aug 3, 2001 Posts: 2,408. Profile ...


    Jul 12, 2012 · Re: HENROB DHC 2000 COBRA WELDING/CUTTING TORCH. Most general welding tasks (household and hobby, not commercial) can be done easily with 110V MIG or stick welders. Oxyfuel is nice for crafts or thin gauge steel and is also easy to set up without worrying about power sources. Even TIG can be done for only $200-300 over the cost of a basic stick ...

  • Where can I find a Cobra DHC 2000 henrob?

    Small patio workshop, Lincoln 125+, Victor oxyacetylene, DHC-2000/Henrob, and a lot of ideas. Life is good! Typos are there for those that look for them. I try to do something for everybody. Do a search on 'henrob' on this site and you will find all kinds of info. More than you ever wanted to know. I have one. I'm just a hobbiest so its ok I guess.

  • henrob welding torch

    Propane Torch Kit, Weed Burner Torch, Gas Welding Torch, Heating Torch with 4 Torch Heads, Fire Starter Ice Melter, 50" Hose, Adjustable Flame Control for Light Welding, Heating, Thawing, Weeding. 4.8 out of 5 stars. 15. $39.99.

  • cobra torch for sale | eBay

    VALVE ASSEMBLE FOR ACETYLENE-RED DHC 2000 HENROB COBRA TORCHES. Brand New. $19.99. or Best Offer. Free shipping. Last one. 3 watchers. Watch; S R p o M n L s o B r 6 ...

  • I need the dimension of the orifice for a DHC-2000 copper ...

    Apr 09, 2021 · I dropped my DHC-2000 (Dillon/Henrob/Cobra) torch on a welding table. It landed on the very end of the copper cutting tip, distorting the orifice. Would some kind soul please save me the $25 for a new tip by telling me the orifice diameter? I have looked, and cannot find it. All the other tips, yes, but not the copper cutting tip. Strange.

  • Industrial Gas Welding Torches for sale | In Stock | eBay

    DILLON MK III Cutting Welding Torch System DHC Cobra Henrob. $341.05. ... Henrob 2000 welding torch, owner's manual, tips, box, etc. $180.00. 0 bids. Free shipping.

  • Cobra Torches Australia - Oxy Acetylene Welding torches

    The unique design of the DHC2000 pistol grip torch enables high-strength welding and cutting of virtually any metal, even difficult materials such as aluminum and stainless steel, with only limited operator experience and training. The DHC2000 also enhances oxy acetylene welding capabilities of ordinary materials.

  • DHC2000 Torch and Accessories – Tagged "accessories ...

    The DHC2000 is the perfect tool for any metal working industry, such as: Fabricating, Metal Art, Automotive Restoration, Farm and Ranch, HVAC and much more. The DHC2000 runs on 4 lbs oxygen and 4 lbs acetylene. Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty! Check out the DHC2000 torch and its accessories.

  • Henrob 2000 Torch - TM Technologies, Tools & Methods for ...

    Saw this product (the Henrob 2000) demonstrated at a car show. I would like more info and the price. I really am interested in buying one. Thanks. The Tin Man Respondeth: I own one, but seldom use it. It does have some interesting capabilities if one is doing high-end welding, which I seem to get some of.

  • COBRA NAVONE 2000 USER MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib

    View and Download Cobra NavOne 2000 user manual online. Mobile Navigation System. NavOne 2000 gps pdf manual download. Also for: Navone 3000.